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Reaching for harmony between
the highest product quality and
the environment.

The metalworking industry is now in a great transition toward mass production and high-mix low-volume production systems, and with the influence of globalization, the demand for faster-paced production of higher quality goods is also increasing.
Considering this situation, we, as a professional die manufacturer, strive to establish higher quality assurance, stricter management, and ultraprecision die production systems.


Micro-level Engineering Creativity Nurtured by Nature

Our company was established in February of 1962 and as a professional precision press die manufacturer, we have made great efforts to develop unique manufacturing techniques, including innovative form grinding techniques, and have grown through our research of and expansion into unique fields.

At present as we aim towards next-generation engineering, with our extensive experience, achievements and the high-level core technologies we have accumulated over time we'd like to contribute to the precision press die manufacturing industry while we respond to the many needs of our customers across various fields with our trustworthy production.
We appreciate your continued support and look forward to working with you.

Fumihiro Ogikubo, President


1. Corporate Management Policy

Our company strives to supply reliable and trustworthy products that always make our customers happy.

2. Business Approach

  • We aim to build a strong, vital company that takes on the challenge of developing leading-edge technologies with vigor in order to satisfy customer needs.
  • We will continuously supply compelling products to our customers.
  • Our company will contribute to well-being of our customers, our employees, and society as a whole through bringing in a healthy revenue.

Corporate Profile

Company name Ogikubo Tools & Dies Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Year founded February 1962
Representative Fumihiro Ogikubo, President
Capital stock 20 million yen
Number of employees 60
Description of business Professional die manufacturing, mainly for design and production of precision press dies
Main products Automobile part dies, semiconductor dies, precision press dies, motor core dies, and special gauges
Main customers Toyota Boshoku Corporation, Taiho Seiki, Fujitsu Limited, Nuclear Fuel Industries, Murata Manufacturing Company, OS Machinery, Futaba Corporation, Matsushita Electronic Components Co Ltd
Financing banks Ikeda Branch of the Hachijuni Bank and Ikeda Branch of Matsumoto Shinkin Bank
【Head Office and Plant】
90 Ikeda, Ikeda, Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano 399-8601, Japan
TEL:+81-261-62-2191 FAX:+81-261-62-3081
【Matsukawa Plant】
7064-16 Higashikawahara, Matsukawa, Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano
TEL:+81-261-62-2192 FAX:+81-261-62-2124
【Tomakomai Plant】
2-28-34 Hokuseicho, Tomakomai, Hokkaido 059-1277, Japan
TEL : +81-144-61-1933 FAX : +81-144-61-1936

Company History

Feb. 1961 Masakazu Ogikubo starts his own business, establishing Ogikubo Tools & Dies Manufacturing on the premises of Kuroda Precision Industries’ Nagano Plant.
Feb. 1962 The company undergoes an organization change and becomes Ogikubo Tools & Dies Manufacturing Limited (investment of 700,000 yen).
Oct. 1970 The head plant is relocated and newly constructed in Shojina, Ikeda (site area: 3,700 m2, building area: 839 m2).
Aug. 1978 Begin manufacturing semiconductor press dies for Fujitsu Limited.
1988 Precision wire-electrical discharge machine AP150 (manufactured by Sodick) is introduced. Semiconductor dies now make up approximately 90% of production.
Mar. 1989 A grinding plant and dining hall are added.
Jul. 1990 Capital stock increases to 10 million yen.
Oct. 1990 The company undergoes an organization change and becomes Ogikubo Tools & Dies Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Sep. 1993 Fumihiro Ogikubo becomes company president.
Apr. 1995 The NC machine-tool monitoring device patent is published (application submitted in Sep. 1993).
Sep. 1995 OGIKUBO SEIKO is established in Singapore in a joint venture with Davidson High-Tech.
Apr. 1998 A press plant, design room, and office are added at the head plant.
Apr. 1999 Die manufacturing for parts development is started in cooperation with the Production Engineering Department at Toyota Motor Corporation.
Sep. 1999 Press parts business is started as a new venture.
Mar. 2002 Die manufacturing for nuclear fuel spacer springs is started in cooperation with Nuclear Fuel Industries.
Jun. 2002 Capital stock increases to 20 million yen.
Apr. 2003 Prototype production of dies for high efficiency processing is started in cooperation with Toyota Boshoku Corporation
(formerly ARACO).
Apr. 2004 Buildings added to the head plant. Grinding and wire electrical discharge machining processes are separated and moved to another plant (building area: 2,300 m2). Inspection equipment is enhanced.
Apr. 2005 OGIKUBO SEIKO closes in Singapore.
2006 The IKEKOU-version dual system is introduced and Ikeda Industrial High School students are accepted for on-the-job training.
Aug. 2007 Matsukawa Plant is erected in Matsukawa Midoricho Industrial Park (site area: 12,300 m2, building area: 1,300 m2). Realizing the shortest preparation period for manufacturing of new dies was tried.
Feb. 2012 The company celebrates its 50th anniversary.
Sep. 2013 The second Matsukawa Plant is newly built.
Apr. 2017 Tomakomai Plant is erected (site area: 2,300 m2, building area: 500 m2). The Toyota Motor Corporation’s Head Plant is reorganized as the production base for hybrid car fuel batteries and the production base for mechanical elements is moved to the Hokkaido Plant.
Dec. 2019 Tomakomai factory extension (building area 1,000 ㎡)

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